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Hypnophobia 2015

Cabinet Of Curiousities 2013


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Hypnophobia out now May 4, 2015

The sophmore release to Jacco Gardner's Cabinet of Curiousities, Hypnophobia, has been released. We'll bring updates with reviews and content in the coming days.

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One more day May 4, 2015

The follow-up to the 2013 cult-hit Cabinet of Curiousities, Hypnophobia, is releasing Tuesday, May 4th 2015. Already released is a single "Find Yourself".

This post also coinsides with the launch of this website, fans of Jacco Gardner. As with our partner site, Solitude is Bliss, this site is dedicated to a band that we believe will be very successful in the future. Solitude Is Bliss launched after Tame Impala's debut album and a few years later, Tame Impala had a successful sophmore album with a third one coming up.

We see some similar things in the two bands, mainly talent level and can't wait for Hypnophobia to release. Stay tuned! 

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